Lucas Longaresi is a Brazilian guitar player, composer, arranger and educator. As a touring and recording musician, he has had the privilege of working with an array of musical artists including the Brazilian jazz singer and composer Bibi Cavalcante in 2016, focusing on jazz and Brazilian standards. Lucas has also recorded with the drummer Alexandre Damasceno (Brazil), bassist Peter Nitsch (Germany) and singer Natalia Spadini (Brazil).  Additionally, he has had the honor to work with the Latin Grammy winner Alexandre Fontanetti (Brazil). As both an electric and acoustic guitarist, he is called upon to perform genres ranging from jazz, to Brazilian music, to pop.  

Lucas released his first four track independent EP in 2016, titled “A Oferenda”, a selection of original compositions. In 2019, Lucas Longaresi was featured on two tracks on the 30th annual CalArts Jazz CD, recorded at Capitol Studios. In February 2020, he released his debut album “Urbano”, recorded at Kingsize Soundlabs (Los Angeles, CA). This album features eight new original compositions. The musicians participating in this project are drummer Marcelo Bucater (Brazil), bassist Jonathan Richards, pianist Will Kjeer, percussionist Clarice Cast (Brazil), percussionist Emilia Desiré (Ecuador), trumpeter Sara Sithi-Amnuai, and saxophonist Nick Stahl.    

In 2020, Lucas was featured on the global performance project “No Musician’s Land”, by Murat Ali Cengiz (Turkey), curated by the Marina Abramovic Institute. The performance was live streamed from Los Angeles to Sakıp Sabancı Museum (Istanbul, Turkey). The ensemble, led by singer Meltem Ege, performed seven of Lucas' compositions, with lyrics by Meltem. The group also featured Marcelo Bucater, saxophonist Jesse Audelo,  bassist Sezin Ahmet Türkmenoğlu (Turkey), and guitarist Bradley Butterworth.  

The guitarist is a graduate of UNI-FIAM-FAAM (class of 2014 -  Brazil) where he studied with Marcelo Gomes. Lucas also had the privilege to study with Pedro Ramos and Nelson Faria. Lucas holds a Master's Degree in Jazz Guitar from California Institute of the Arts (class of 2019), where he studied with Larry Koonse, Miroslav Tadic, David Roitstein, Darek Oles, Joe La Barbera, Steve Lehman and Randy Gloss.